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Pastor/Elder/Overseer – Job Description

Bible Lessons

ABOUT US: Established in 1952, Bethesda Baptist Church, Delhi, Ontario is an elder-led, congregation-ruled, self-supporting, missions-minded, evangelical church of about
27 members. We belong to the Sovereign Grace Fellowship of Canada (SGF). We own
our own church building at 67 Sovereen St. in Delhi. Our belief is that in everything
Jesus Christ must be preeminent (Col. 1:18). Our church statement of faith can be
accessed on this website. For a fuller statement, see the 1644 Baptist Confession of Faith (First London Baptist Confession).

POSITION SUMMARY: The Pastor/Elder/Overseer must meet all of the qualifications
listed in 1 Tim. 3:1-7 and Tit. 1:5-9.  His
areas of oversight would include:

  • Serve as the primary preacher of the Word in our services.

  • Consistently communicate the Gospel as part of his preaching and teaching.

  • Lead, with assistance from others, in our Sunday services, prayer meetings, Lord’s Suppers, baptisms, business meetings, etc.

  • Faithfully pray for the congregation and the church’s ministries.

  • Conduct marriages and funerals as the occasion arises.

  • Seek to lead and encourage the church in the spread of the gospel throughout Delhi and the surrounding area and through the support of missions.

  • Continue to support the work of the SGF and Toronto Baptist Seminary and Bible College

  • Visit and encourage those who are sick, shut-in, hospitalized or in nursing homes.

● Annual salary – approx. $50,000 – (negotiable)
● 4 weeks of annual paid vacation leave.


  • Please apply with your resume, personal testimony of faith, philosophy of ministry, and references.

  • Submit your application via email to the church at

  • All interested candidates are encouraged to apply.

Note: Only by you getting to know us and us you will we together discover if this would
be a good and spiritually beneficial “fit” that God in His wise providence will bless. We
look forward to meeting with you personally.

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